Only natural ingredients

Èpiù mozzarella is a fresh spun paste cheese obtained by enzymatic coagulation of pasteurised cow's milk.
Produced exclusively with cow's milk, lactic ferments, rennet and salt.

The product does not contain GMOs or products derived from from genetically modified organisms.

Unique consistency

The dough is soft and elastic, without crusts, with overlapped sheets, it releases milky liquid when cut and lightly pressed.

To taste it to the fullest

To taste its organoleptic properties to the fullest, remove from the fridge in time and bring back to consumption temperature naturally; thus enhancing the aromas and flavour of the milk.
The product must be stored inside its original and complete packaging and once opened must be consumed within the day.

The search for excellence, since 1952

Looking for the best things while respecting nature and well-being leads to quality.
Always looking for and choosing the best is what Padania Alimenti has been doing since 1952. A story of wholesomeness and freshness that today is reflected in the qualitative excellence of epiu branded products.

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