The excellence of the leader

Cream designed for shop use, from small to large laboratories: the guarantee of èpiù cream quality with features and formats specifically designed for you.

Our distinctive features have allowed us to become the reference point for this product in Italy.

Only first-rate

A natural product, free of preservatives and thickeners, gentle treatment and extreme freshness but thanks to the high quality of the first-rate raw material that assures great stability and high yields, while maintaining a full taste.

Controlled quality

Exclusively from selected Italian farms, daily subjected to checks of the entire production chain.


Formats dedicated to professional use

Fresh whole cream 36% of fatty matter

1 litre package

4 litres package

Fresh whole cream 38% of fatty matter

1 litres package

4 litres package

Bag in box 10 kg

Panna Fresca 4 litri


Technical data sheets and certifications are available for each product.

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