Only from the best selected cream.

Èpiù mascarpone is a fresh, non-aged cheese, obtained exclusively with pasteurised milk cream and citric acid as a curdling agent and acidity regulator.

The result is a smooth and velvety cream, shiny with a pale yellow straw-like colour.

The perfect taste

Sweet, without unpleasant or cooked aftertaste, it is a very fresh cheese, excellent for cooking delicious recipes and in pastry making.

The product does not contain GMOs or products derived from from genetically modified organisms.

The search for excellence, since 1952

Looking for the best things while respecting nature and well-being leads to quality.
Always looking for and choosing the best is what Padania Alimenti has been doing since 1952. A story of wholesomeness and freshness that today is reflected in the qualitative excellence of epiu branded products.

Mascarpone 250 - 500 g - 2000 g

Mascarpone bowl 250 g
Mascarpone bowl 500 g
Mascarpone bowl 2,000 g

Package plastic bowl closed at the top by a film and cover.

Product data

Fresh mascarpone
EAN CODE Mascarpone format 250 g: 8002011000255
Mascarpone format 500 g: 8002011000248
Mascarpone format 2,000 g: 8002011000569
Ingredients Pasteurised milk cream
acidity regulator: citric acid.
Allergens Milk and milk-based products (including lactose)
Preservation and duration It keeps at a temperature between +0°C and +4°C.
Once opened, it must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 2/3 days.
The expiration date is 75 days from the date of production.

Average nutritional values for 100 g.

  Fresh mascarpone
Energy 355 kcal - 1463 kJ
Proteins 5.8 g
Carbohydrate 3 g
Fats 36 g
Salt 0.07 g

Technical data sheets

Mascarpone sheet 250 - 500 - 2.000 g

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