For the large company

The classic dairy preparation, creamy and velvety, ideal to prepare desserts, but also sauces and other condiments.

Padania Alimenti, with a consolidated know-how in the supply of industrial products, is the ideal partner for those looking for high quality raw materials.

We pay particular attention to the specific needs of the industry, one of our main sales channels, historically held thanks to our commitment and dedication.

Our key characteristics, in the field of industrial supply, are based on the following cornerstones:

  • reliability and safety with foodstuffs, i.e. the ability to guarantee compliant supplies, with continuity, through supervising direct supply chains and maintaining multiple quality certifications;
  • efficiency with the use of plants with high production capacity and high technological level;
  • flexibility to meet sudden requests or order changes even in a short amount of time, with targeted logistic routes;
  • specificity, with formats suitable for the types of industrial use and expertise in identifying dedicated solutions, for appropriate volumes.

Formats available for the industry, coming from our supply chains

Mascarpone formats 35% of fatty matter

10 kg bag

Mascarpone formats 45% of fatty matter

10 kg bag

Organic mascarpone formats 45% of fatty matter

10 kg bag

Technical data sheets and certifications for the foreign market are available for each product.

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