We have been engaged for years in promoting sustainable production models along our entire supply chain.

Sustainable agriculture consists in implementing agricultural techniques able to respect the environment, biodiversity, food health and safety.
Sustainability in milk production, starting from farming, aims at reducing the ecological footprint of the entire supply chain, while improving the production and well-being of people and animals.

What we do to improve the sustainability of our supply chain

  • we implement a short and direct supply chain, which favours the selection of local farms;
  • we continuously monitor production and consumption parameters of farms and of our company;
  • we strive to lower the environmental impact through:
    • a more cautious management of phytosanitary substances and fuels
    • optimising the use of water resources
    • optimising the use of energy resources, favouring renewable energies
    • the use of alternative farming techniques aimed at reducing the carbon footprint
  • we encourage the development of biodiversity of our territories through:
    • diversifying arable land and respect for fallow periods
    • maintaining permanent forages and the spontaneous growth of other plants
    • conservation of areas intended for wild animal species
  • we promote animal welfare guaranteeing physical, psychological well-being and the possibility of expressing their natural behaviour.
  • we invest in social and human capital:
    • ensuring compliance with proper working conditions
    • increasing safety at the workplace
    • training and stimulating all our collaborators with a view to promote resources.

Monitoring the environmental impact

Since 2012 we have been running a program to monitor the results achieved and new improvement programs based on them.

Every year we submit a sample of farms to checks aimed at verifying compliance with the sustainability criteria according to the SAC code (Sustainable Agriculture Code).

We are able to provide our customers with updated reports with the results achieved in terms of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), a parameter that enables to monitor the environmental impact of our productions from farming to delivery.

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