A product that lives

Our sour cream is not reprocessed after fermentation.

A milk cream

Only from the best Italian creams, a versatile product for cooking sauces, seasoning salads and...bringing your imagination to life.
Also excellent on its own, with a drop of honey.

The search for excellence, since 1952

Looking for the best things while respecting nature and well-being leads to quality.
Always looking for and choosing the best is what Padania Alimenti has been doing since 1952. A story of wholesomeness and freshness that today is reflected in the qualitative excellence of epiu branded products.

Content 180 grams

Package bowl with aroma seal film and lid

Product data

Sour cream
EAN CODE Sour cream: 8002011000408
Ingredients Milk, milk cream, lactic ferments.
Production plant Padania Alimenti S.r.l., Casalmaggiore (CR) – I 03/156 CE
Allergens Milk and milk-based products (including lactose)
Preservation and duration It keeps at a temperature between +0°C and +6°C.
The expiration date is 60 days.

The milk is exclusively heat treated to enhance its natural taste while preserving its nutritional value.
100% Italian milk.

Average nutritional values for 100 g.

  Sour cream
Energy 140 kcal - 705 kJ
Proteins 4.4 g
Carbohydrate 4.4 g
Fats 15 g
Calcium 130mg (16% NRV*) *NRV – Nutrient reference value

Technical data sheets

Sour cream

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