Specific for shop use, from small to large laboratories: the guarantee of èpiù milk quality with features and formats specifically designed for you.
We have always designed our products for professional use, we search the countryside to guarantee the quality of our milk and optimise the processing to assure great yields in a fully natural way, with a quality that remains constant over time.

Fresh milk only

The only ingredient is fresh milk, pasteurised and homogenised as soon as it is milked and packaged every day.

it is available in whole, high quality, micro-filtered and organic micro-filtered versions.

Controlled quality

Exclusively from selected Italian farms, daily subjected to checks of the entire production chain.

Formats dedicated to professional use

Whole fresh milk formats

20 kg package

High Quality fresh milk formats

4 litres package

10 kg package

20 kg package

Whole Micro-filtered milk formats

10 kg package

Organic Whole Micro-filtered milk formats

10 kg package

20 kg package


Technical data sheets and certifications are available for each product.

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