Directly to the source

All our milk is collected by us, directly from the farmers, from farms of our territory, often family-run.

This close relationship allows us to check with absolute certainty the origin of the milk and the practices of the farmer.

Therefore it is natural for us to collaborate with farms in developing supply chains , separate and specific paths from the field to the consumer.

High Quality Supply Chain

Governed by a specific Regulation (Ministerial Decree 185/91), only farms whose milk has better chemical and microbiological characteristics than conventional products can be part of it.
Only fresh milk can be defined as high quality.

Organic farming supply chain

Only milk from certified farms, which respecting organic farming practices only use organic animal feed and follow specific health standards.
A more sustainable and natural agricultural model.

No GMO supply chain

Defined according to a Product Protocol (DTP 030), milk is obtained by us from cows fed exclusively with non-genetically modified products.
To rediscover traditional practices and for the maximum assurance for animals and consumers.

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